A Day In The Life || Troy Jones

“One of the challenges I face at work, creatively, is the fact that some of the raw products that we have. The raw furniture, in its unfinished state, has various issue that need to be addressed before we can move forward with the staining and painting process. I see that challenge connects to the gospel in the sense that we are full of imperfection as well, and God, in His process of making us new and redeeming us, is smoothing out our imperfections and making us more like Him. More holy and more useful for His Kingdom purposes.” 

Meet your fellow Apexer, Troy Jones, and learn about how his career in woodworking is a platform for his faith.

A Day In The Life || Troy Jones from Apex Community on Vimeo.

The Apex Anthologies team is excited to start capturing a series of story videos themed around “a day in the life of…” The goal is to capture folks stories in how they live out their faith in the simple, everyday moments. We invite various people from Apex to tell us how they live on mission through their work and the physical spaces we inhabit daily. We are all called to serve our Lord in different manners and these videos serve to capture it.

We would love to hear about a day in your life. Share with us the challenges you face in your field. We want to know about your unique vantage point into the world and how you turn to God in your job when you’re dealing with tough times or injustice occurs.


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