What If God’s Desires Are Not Our Own?


“It’s not about how much faith we have; it’s about believing who God is and that He’ll do what He says He’ll do. And what does God say He’ll do? He says He’ll stick closer than a brother; He says He’s near to the brokenhearted; and He says that He is good.”

Orphan Weekend: When Selah Smiled

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After learning about the global problem of orphan care this past weekend, we want you to hear about an Apex couple’s personal adoption journey. Learn how the Swain’s completed their family through adoption.

Orphan Weekend: Building Your Family Beyond Your Family

apex anthologies

On November 12-13 at Apex we will be talking about global orphan care. Meet the Burkles, an Apex family who picked up their entire lives to serve orphans with Back2Back in Monterey, Mexico. Read their story to prepare your hearts for how you can get involved with orphan care.

The Wings and a Prayer


“This special gift, sent on this special route opens this boy up to hear the most special News he could ever hear.  It is amazing to think what God would do to reach this one boy so that he might have a more open heart to the Gospel.” –Phil Wing

#TBT | A Faithful Love

This story was originally published June 20, 2014. We invite you this summer into a series of #TBT posts beginning with Ezra Wilson’s contagious love for his God and his family. Ezra Wilson is that person. You know, the person you just know you’ll immediately admire indefinitely, one you can only hope you would grow up to be like.