A Day In The Life || Troy Jones


“One of the challenges I face at work, creatively, is the fact that some of the raw products that we have. The raw furniture, in its unfinished state, has various issue that need to be addressed before we can move forward with the staining and painting process. I see that challenge connects to the gospel in the sense that we are full of imperfection as well, and God, in His process of… Read More

#TBT Showers Of Grace

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As Memorial Day approaches, we are sharing the Knowlans’s story once again to honor and remember Garrett Knowlan.   A Reflection- Take some time today and pray for veterans and their families, past, present, and future. Pray for their hardships as if they were your own and remember their sacrifices that grant your freedoms.    Videographer- Molly Belanco

We Want To Hear Your Story


Brothers & Sisters, We hope Anthologies has served you well. Our staff has been blessed beyond measure by learning of the stories that make up the body of Apex. But there are still so many more to be told! For the last couple of months, we have been honored to welcome fellow Apexers at our weekly staff meeting to share their story.

Penny’s Story

Losing someone you love is never easy and learning to live life without them is a constant battle. Penny Smith knows this all too well. But through God’s grace and constant love she is learning what a “new normal” looks like. This video was originally played at our Women’s Conference were we focused on how everybody has a story and how Jesus is making each of our stories new each day.  

Sufficient Grace For The Heaviest Burden- A Story Of Mentorship


“Through her service at Apex, Alathea has witnessed the immaculate work of the Lord’s redeeming power in all of their lives and rejoices in how His Holy Spirit works through her despite her shortcomings.”