Is Jesus Enough For You?

In 2010, Sarah sought counseling through Apex and slowly began to feel a return to herself…  she was asked one question that changed everything. Sarah, is Jesus enough for you?

As they came to know each other and grow together, they attended Apex and, eventually, became a part of the same House Church. “We were encouraged by our house church to attend pre-engagement counseling; this led to incredibly deep, emotional intimacy. Our prayer life was solid, we were growing in Christ, and we were continually choosing each other,” shared Sarah. This eventually led to a ring purchase, and anticipation of an engagement and a wedding to plan. Sarah was elated.

On August 23, 2009, Robin was to spend the weekend with Sarah and her family, but was three hours late. When he finally arrived, his demeanor was someone Sarah didn’t recognize. “He had never been late before – punctuality was very important to him, and when he finally arrived, he was someone I didn’t recognize,” Sarah said. It was that night he shared his concern of not loving apexanthologiesher the same way.

“The following months were miserable,” she recalled. “We talked to each other, but didn’t see each other – everything felt extremely strained.” On Sarah’s birthday, she felt anticipation of seeing, or at least hearing from Robin after time apart – they had planned to spend time together to celebrate. No visit, call, or text came. “After I logged onto his account and read all the messages he had been sharing with other women, I called him; I remember saying, ‘well I guess this means we’re done,’ and his response devastated me – ‘I’ve been done with you.’”

The year that followed was marked by a heart that struggled to mend, fought against clinging to the Lord, and a complete lack of processing. In 2010, Sarah sought counseling through Apex and slowly began to feel a return to herself. As she processed the break-up and came to terms with the way she was mourning, she was asked one question that changed everything.

Sarah, is Jesus enough for you?

“I began to process the question and realized He hadn’t been. He hadn’t been enough. But speaking it out loud helped me understand He was, is, and will be more than enough,” she shared. Sarah continued to process this loss, and her hurt, through the lens of God’s plan over her life and slowly felt a transformation take hold over her heart and life. “God ordains everyday; that is something I walked away with, from this. Two years to the day of Robin ending our relationship, my husband asked me to be his girlfriend.”

apexanthologiesSarah looks back at the darkness and pain that marked the days of recovery over a fractured heart and feels gratefulness over the story. “I wouldn’t have the trust or strength in the Lord if I wouldn’t have had to walk through that season,” Sarah said confidently.
Sarah understands now that to better understand His love for us, we must be aware of what He is capable, and willing, to rescue us from.

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Author- Steph Duff

Photographer- Hilary Tebo