Serving The People Of Las Vegas

The tragic events of our most recent mass shooting have, once again, left so many lost, broken, and vulnerable. We cannot pretend to understand why this happened. We can, however, come together as a church body to serve the people and the city of Las Vegas. 

Pastor Chris Marlin and his wife, Katherine, moved to Las Vegas three years ago to serve a church called Grace City. He gave an in-depth interview on how God is moving in a very real way, and how others can come alongside Grace City Church to love and serve the victims and their families.

Read the full interview here. Chris specifically asks for help and prayer in the following ways:

Prayer points:
1. Pray for the Kingdom to break through. Marlin says he’s never seen people in Las Vegas so open to the gospel than they seem to be in the face of this tragedy.

2. Pray that churches won’t use this as a time to fight against each other, but that “there would be a real unity among churches in the city.”

3. Pray for Christians in Las Vegas to actually go out and be the church. Marlin hopes that there would be “church happening on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana, and there would be church happening at the airport, and all these other places.”

4. Pray for the move of unity that is happening, especially among younger, smaller churches. Marlin hopes the churches in Vegas would not be hindered by things like territorialism but would focus on a common, Kingdom mission. “Pray that my church would work with the big one and the newest one, and whatever.”

What you can do:
1. Look for reputable churches or organizations on the ground you can give to.

2. Consider sending a team from your church to Grace City or another Las Vegas church to assist in their evangelism efforts. Marlin says his church is ready to receive teams and they have a program already in place through their School of Ministry. More information is available on their site or by contacting info@gracecityvegas.com

Meet the Radcliffs. apex anthologiesFormer Apexers’, Josh and Emily Radcliff have been living in Las Vegas and attending Grace City. We shared their story on discipleship in October of 2014. We have been in contact with Josh and Emily, and we will be sharing a video update they are putting together for us at our upcoming weekend gatherings on Saturday, October 7th and Sunday, October 8th. Join us to learn how we can support their mission.

In the meantime, be in fervent prayer for the victims and their families, our country, and our world.


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