Every Day A Gift


In Anthony’s house church, he found a loving family who cared about him and for him. In their love, he saw the pure love of Christ, and it began a work in his heart.

Fear vs Love: Broken to be Sent


Rusty thought his story was broken beyond repair. Addiction to opiates and heroin led to a life he never imagined for himself. But God took his brokenness and repurposed it for His Story. Hear more of Rusty’s story this Sunday, 6:00pm at Apex Kettering for Fear vs. Love: The Road to Heroin Addiction, Loving America’s Most Overdosed City. Find out more at apexcommunity.org/fearvslove.

Trust and Obey

It won’t always be easy and being a follower of Jesus doesn’t mean I am problem free. I have made so much progress over the last year, but I still struggle. The difference now is I am learning to turn to Him when I have my hard days.

A Path to Surrender

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“God uses chaos to assure me of Himself.  I am trying to desperately love the one true God, even though I am so wired to run after other things and seek security apart from Him.  I needed to lose everything to build a life on Him.”

Grace upon Grace upon Grace.

apex anthologies

“Looking back now, though, that breaking down was God’s work – He just needed us to draw closer to Him,” says Scott. “He taught us about forgiveness and displayed grace and, as a result, we were able to extend grace to Graham.”