When Seeing Enables Believing


We’ve all heard “A picture is worth a thousand words.” But in artist Matthew Burgy’s world a picture (or sculpture) is worth far more than a thousand words. It’s the very tool he uses to draw people to the One who created them and who pursues them with passion.

Through the Lens of Our Creator

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We’re made in the image of a creative God. Eastlyn shares how being a photographer is shaped by who her God is, and what He’s doing.   Videographer: Molly Bellanco

Glorifying the Lord through Art

Whether it be through the gift of baking, drawing, painting, photography or music – all these talents can be used to glorify our Lord. Imperfect Art 2014 was an event organized through Apexer’s Isaac Williams and Phillip Osterday with the purpose of giving talented local artists a solid opportunity to express themselves through their art and gain support from it.