Back2Back India: Finding Love in all the Right Places


India was an answer to a prayer I never knew I needed to be praying. Goutham was an answer to a prayer that I never could have seen coming.

Orphan Weekend: Building Your Family Beyond Your Family

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On November 12-13 at Apex we will be talking about global orphan care. Meet the Burkles, an Apex family who picked up their entire lives to serve orphans with Back2Back in Monterey, Mexico. Read their story to prepare your hearts for how you can get involved with orphan care.

Faithful Obedience

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In 2015, Ben and Emily Riggs felt the Lord leading them to serve as missionaries in Cancun, Mexico alongside Back2Back Ministries. You can see their story and the journey the Lord had them on through their story video HERE. A year later from accepting the Lord’s call to pack up their lives and move they share with us what the Lord’s been teaching and challenging them as they serve the community of… Read More

The Unexpected Call

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“Shortly after we got married we realized we both had our own little missions and we started seeing each other getting in the way.”

Trust and Obey

It won’t always be easy and being a follower of Jesus doesn’t mean I am problem free. I have made so much progress over the last year, but I still struggle. The difference now is I am learning to turn to Him when I have my hard days.