When Life is a Mess


“When we mess life up, God reconciles us back and then gives us what we need to disciple others.”

A Light in the Darkness


In 2005, Lisa Jackson and her housemates asked themselves how they can practically serve their neighborhood. Out of this one question, the Halloween outreach was born.

Facing Chronic Pain

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In the face of his son’s chronic pain, Rob Keefer confesses, “It’s really hard to see God as love when he allows us to walk through incredibly difficult circumstances.”

A Path through the Valley

Cheryl Horton is a task oriented, go-getter and used to take pride in living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. She typically didn’t get sick and even more so didn’t rely on medication if she did. All of that was rocked when she learned she had a rare, incurable cancer in December 2009.

When Community Becomes Family

“Just like you have biological brothers and sisters who don’t always get along or fight sometimes, house church can be a little messy like that sometimes, too…”