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A stained glass window appears to be made up of broken or shattered pieces of glass bonded together to form an image. The glass is actually precisely selected by the artist for its color and texture. The glass is cut, ground, shaped and gracefully fused together to form the artist’s creation, which true beauty is illuminated when shined on by the sun.

All Along

apex anthologies

For a large period of my life, I’ve felt that my story was subpar. That it didn’t measure up to the extravagant, earth-shattering, stories I’ve heard from others my whole life. My story seemed too subtle. Seemed like it was lacking something.

A Victim

apex anthologies

Pam hopes that her story will help others see that abuse is never to be accepted and there is always a way out. For even in the darkest night, God always provides hope.

Is it Enough?

apex anthologies

“I was chasing after what I thought I wanted in a marriage relationship. It wasn’t until my wife and kids left without me on our ‘family’ vacation, that I realized I was wrong and not where I was supposed to be.”

A Story of Restoration

The physical restoration of a sailboat is a meticulous process; each step must be given great care and is required and necessary for the following steps to be beneficial.