When Life is a Mess


“When we mess life up, God reconciles us back and then gives us what we need to disciple others.”

I Once Was Lost


I have Jesus in my corner giving me the hope that even my biggest struggle isn’t as big as the hands which now hold me. 

An Old, Old Story


The art of storytelling is sometimes thought to be reserved for masters of the craft, both old and new. We rely on Steven Spielberg for those highly anticipated summer blockbusters, and look to writers of the past such as J.R.R. Tolkien or C.S. Lewis to meet our needs for allegory and fantasy. We love stories. But do we give all the credit for stories to the author of life itself? Do we… Read More

No Longer an Island: Jenny Weller’s Story


Years of trauma, abuse, deception, fear, anger, and violence planted a seed of fear in my life which grew into a full-blown forest of isolation.  I was no longer merely afraid of people; rather, I had literally convinced myself they were unnecessary.

Facing Chronic Pain

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In the face of his son’s chronic pain, Rob Keefer confesses, “It’s really hard to see God as love when he allows us to walk through incredibly difficult circumstances.”