Holy Yoga


With fear and trembling, Stephanie found peace. In movement, she found stillness. Through transition, she became grounded. With meditation upon Christ, she did not seek to empty herself but instead be filled with God’s character. And by releasing her burdens unto Him, Stephanie was set free by His Spirit  

A Life of Hope


Nathan has gained, through his suffering, the ability to show others that rather than making our lives perfect, God reaches into our imperfections and works through them – His power is made perfect in our weakness.

When Community Becomes Family

“Just like you have biological brothers and sisters who don’t always get along or fight sometimes, house church can be a little messy like that sometimes, too…”

A Good Father

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“I have no reason to believe He is up to anything but good for my life and His plans for my heart are absolutely perfect.”

This is my story, This is my song

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In my prayers and pleas, God met me. He wasn’t scared of my questions or daunted by my frustration. He didn’t promise me time with my husband. He promised me His presence through whatever was to come. And that was such a comfort to me.