Seek The Welfare Of The City


“We are witnesses to burned down homes, boarded up houses, makeshift shelters, discarded household belongings, human waste, animal abuse, and poverty Endless poverty. This city needs redemption. This city needs revival. This city needs a Savior.”

Every Day A Gift


In Anthony’s house church, he found a loving family who cared about him and for him. In their love, he saw the pure love of Christ, and it began a work in his heart.

#TBT “When Community Becomes Family”


“Just like you have biological brothers and sisters who don’t always get along or fight sometimes, house church can be a little messy like that sometimes, too…”

Seek and You Shall Find

Cindy and Rob Stichweh have a lot to be thankful for. They have four grown children, all doing Kingdom work around the world. Their marriage of 36 years is rooted in Christ and as strong as ever. They are a part of a house church which allows them to eagerly pour into the younger members as if they were their own. But this story isn’t really about Rob and Cindy, or their… Read More

A Light in the Darkness


In 2005, Lisa Jackson and her housemates asked themselves how they can practically serve their neighborhood. Out of this one question, the Halloween outreach was born.