Seek and You Shall Find

Cindy and Rob Stichweh have a lot to be thankful for. They have four grown children, all doing Kingdom work around the world. Their marriage of 36 years is rooted in Christ and as strong as ever. They are a part of a house church which allows them to eagerly pour into the younger members as if they were their own. But this story isn’t really about Rob and Cindy, or their… Read More

Trust and Obey

It won’t always be easy and being a follower of Jesus doesn’t mean I am problem free. I have made so much progress over the last year, but I still struggle. The difference now is I am learning to turn to Him when I have my hard days.

Gospel Identity

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The Gospel is the only safe place for identity.

The Hour I First Believed

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I didn’t want anyone to tell me that going to heaven had nothing to do with being good, if that was the case then I would never believe in Jesus.

Extravagant Love

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That promise of purity was long forgotten as I gave my one body to boys who whispered tight-lipped proclamations of love and who went out of their way to smile at me; boys and sex became the primary motivator behind everything I did.