A Diamond in the Making

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“God has restored me. I don’t want people to think this is a sad story…it’s what God used to liberate me.”

Saying Yes to the Call

No matter how we meet Christ, through whom we meet Him, or the circumstances under which we meet Him, each of our stories is carved and cultivated differently and we never look back being the same person.

A Satisfied Heart

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Affluence can be the ultimate thief of God’s best. The false fulfillment of accumulation cannot be compared to the glory of His calling.

Just the Beginning

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Emily referenced this verse as she spoke passionately about baptism and the role it plays in our relationship with Christ, “If we are not obedient in the little things, we will not be [obedient] in the big things. I am not saying baptism is “little”, just more so that the actual process is easy. You can do it anywhere! Being baptized is a privilege.”

Brokenness is Beautiful

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In the midst of that I had to relinquish control in every part of my life and that meant letting go of the relationship I held to for so long, and it was hard. But it was in that moment when my brokenness was made beautiful; brokenness is not inherently beautiful, but when I surrendered everything to the Lord his power was made perfect in my weakness, in my brokenness.