Orphan Weekend: Building Your Family Beyond Your Family

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On November 12-13 at Apex we will be talking about global orphan care. Meet the Burkles, an Apex family who picked up their entire lives to serve orphans with Back2Back in Monterey, Mexico. Read their story to prepare your hearts for how you can get involved with orphan care.

BOGG Ministries

apex anthologies

Apex House Church found themselves content and comfortable to stay within the walls of their House Church Family. That was until they felt challenged to step out in faith and service in their own back yard. Videographer: Molly Bellanco

Waiting with Purpose: A Heart for Lesotho

One December evening in 2013, Jake and Mackenzie Mygatt found themselves moved to tears as they listened to a presentation by a woman who is an ambassador for an orphan home in Africa called Beautiful Gate.

A Hand Up, Not Out

apex anthologies

“The hardest part is to kill or overcome stereotypes and communicate well. We want the people we help to feel valued and not to hurt them. They are fighting against so much already; they just need someone to listen to them.”

Children with Hidden Needs

The local homeless shelters have seen record numbers of children over the last few years. Boys and girls of all ages need support. This is a world in need. Children need underwear. Everyone needs Christ.