Journey in the Waiting

When we are called, we are not called to an occupation; we are called to Christ. Our primary calling is to be totally and completely devoted to Jesus Christ.

The Wings and a Prayer


“This special gift, sent on this special route opens this boy up to hear the most special News he could ever hear.  It is amazing to think what God would do to reach this one boy so that he might have a more open heart to the Gospel.” –Phil Wing

An Atmosphere of Worship

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“I’ll be helping lead worship, not performing,” he kindly corrected me. You see, Kelcey and Daniel are quite serious about the difference between leading people to a place of worship – they do not consider it a performance.

One Life can Bring Hope

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Again came the question, “Why?” Again came the answer. “This is what Jesus has called me to do.”

A Heart for Young Life

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Meet a young man within our Apex family who has a heart to serve our great God by proclaiming His name and building relationships with high school students at a local Dayton school.   Videographer: Justin Eisner