The Garden And The Thorn Bush


“I came [into work], like I do every other Saturday in September, I can tell you the date, they literally just handed me a letter— didn’t explain it. It literally just said, this is what’s happening, you can’t do anything about it. Sorry about your luck.” The loss of income left Jon and Becky at odds. Through prayer, they decided the best choice for the family would be for Jon to become a… Read More

#TBT Showers Of Grace

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As Memorial Day approaches, we are sharing the Knowlans’s story once again to honor and remember Garrett Knowlan.   A Reflection- Take some time today and pray for veterans and their families, past, present, and future. Pray for their hardships as if they were your own and remember their sacrifices that grant your freedoms.    Videographer- Molly Belanco

A Story Worth Telling


“I never thought my life, my testimony could move anyone- why would it? My story was hidden away because I believed in the lie that it wasn’t worth telling. I refuse to believe that lie any longer!” Read how God led Elise on a journey out of self-imposed independence into total reliance on His strength. 

Is Jesus Enough For You?


In 2010, Sarah sought counseling through Apex and slowly began to feel a return to herself…  she was asked one question that changed everything. Sarah, is Jesus enough for you?

A Life of Hope


Nathan has gained, through his suffering, the ability to show others that rather than making our lives perfect, God reaches into our imperfections and works through them – His power is made perfect in our weakness.