Unmistakably God


The saga that began with coffee and a sandwich led to inquiries throughout Xenia. Paul asked, “Who cares for the homeless here?”  “Who feeds them?”  “Is there shelter?”  “What about clothing?”.  “Who is loving these people?”

Fostering Kingdom Work

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The Xenia gathering has cultivated a wonderful Kingdom Perspective within the community; they want to use every opportunity to step out in faith and use what they have to foster Kingdom work.

Serving Him

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God doesn’t need us but He invites us to take action. One of Apex’s House Churches was challenged to put ‘making plans’ aside and to put ‘feet’ to serving others.   Videographer: Molly Bellanco

Apex Xenia Band

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Each week our bands at both the Xenia and the Kettering campus work hard to prepare to lead worship. This is their story.   Videographer: Matt Geis

Made Alive: Easter Baptisms

At Easter, we celebrate God and His story. One of the ways we remember and share the good news of Christ is through believers baptism!