Devin DelGrosso


Devin has been a native of the Dayton area for 35 years and he loves every bit of it.  He is a graduate of Cedarville University and served as a pastor for over 13 years until taking time off on a Sabbatical.  Secondary only to His love for Jesus, is his love for his wife of 13 years and his 3 adorable children.  In addition to being a pastor, Devin also enjoys writing fiction stories.  His Accounts of Amari series was first published in 2008 with Tate Publishing and includes the titles Rise of the Phayladin and Redemption.  As opposed to mostly every other writer in America, Devin hates coffee and believes it tastes like burnt water- if that were possible.  In the end, Devin just hopes to advance God’s story through whatever means necessary to help unfold what God is doing in the world.  His glory is all that matters.