Hilary Tebo


My name is Hilary Tebo and I am a military wife and brat with the occasional friend and “momma” sprinkled in there at times.  At 27 my life is far from perfect, but that is why I love it. Combined with a messy house (thank you children & pets), working full time and my hobbies of softball, CrossFit and photography – my schedule is crazy busy and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I spend way too much time on Pinterest, driving with my music blasting and my 3 year old singing to Air1 radio. Feel free to head over to my photography blog to check out some of my work as well as my attempts at this thing called blogging which will allow you access to my previous sessions and my so called CRAZY life.

Blog: hilaryteboblog.com – under construction, bare with me!

Facebook: facebook.com/hilarytebophotography – up and running of course