#TBT “A Light In The Darkness”

In 2005, Lisa Jackson and her housemates asked themselves how they can practically serve their neighborhood. Out of this one question, the Halloween outreach was born. Read More

Serving The People Of Las Vegas


The tragic events of our most recent mass shooting have, once again, left so many lost, broken, and vulnerable. We cannot pretend to understand why this happened. We can, however, come together as a church body to serve the people and the city of Las Vegas.  Read More

The Unexpected Gift Of Chronic Illness


“It was really rough. I was losing my ability to do anything. And in a way, I felt like I was losing my identity because I couldn’t be Emma the soccer player, or the gymnast, or the dancer, or the actress. I had to work hard to find my identity in God instead of what I had the ability to do. I struggled a lot with why did God make this happen to me? And Why me? What did I do? Read More

A Day In The Life || Karen Wonders


Meet Karen Wonders. Karen is the founder of Maple Tree Cancer Alliance, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by cancer. Her story is inspiring and powerful.

Join the upcoming 6-week Maple Tree Cancer Care Class, beginning September 17th, to learn tangible ways to serve cancer survivors and their families.


The Apex Anthologies team is excited to start capturing a series of story videos themed around “a day in the life of…” The goal is to capture folks stories in how they live out their faith in the simple, everyday moments. We invite various people from Apex to tell us how they live on mission through their work and the physical spaces we inhabit daily. We are all called to serve our Lord in different manners and these videos serve to capture it.

We would love to hear about a day in your life. Share with us the challenges you face in your field. We want to know about your unique vantage point into the world and how you turn to God in your job when you’re dealing with tough times or injustice occurs.


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Apex is a diverse body of believers. The stories we share are intended to showcase the personal experiences of your fellow believers as they learn to live out their faith. Anthologies encourages our readers to view these stories as a platform for dialogue on a variety of topics relevant to our lives as Christ followers.

Continual Hope


“Life was good. Life was easy. God was present. [My story] would have been an easy story to share… And then, out of nowhere my story changed, and it wasn’t so easy to share the Good News.”  Read More